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Sounding Impressive

Yesterday I was diagnosed with De Quervain's tenosynovitis - a rather grand name for a sprain affecting the thumb and wrist of my left hand.  I have a rather nifty splint on my wrist and have to see the physio again next week to see how it's progressing.  This 'washerwoman sprain' as it's also known arose from my attempts to protect my 'at risk of lymphoedema' right arm which meant I over exerted my left arm... now I have two 'substandard' arms for a while, which is certainly an interesting experience.

I also have acute viral rhinopharyngitis aka the common cold, which is a bind as the sniffling, sneezing and shivering don't mix too well with the hot flushes and modifications to parts of my anatomy, but at least in a day or seven it'll be gone.

Today feels a bit odd, actually this week has felt a bit odd, remembering what the equivalent week last year held for me.  Having nothing more to disturb me than a soft tissue injury and cattarh in my ears is a remarkably pleasant place to be.

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