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Advent Candles... Themes & Schemes

I've just been hunting around for a suitable liturgy to use with our Advent candles this year.  We are being a teeny weeny bit experimental with our services, and I want to find some words that will connect with our melding of materials based, independently, on the same study guide.

So, just wondering what you will be marking with each candle you light (if anything) and what resources you might be using?

F'rinstance, in what order do you have hope, love, joy, peace, if that is your thread?

Or patriarchs, prophets, John, Mary

Or second coming, Bible, God's people or any other combination or permutation?

Ours will be something akin to the first of these - just checking with the producers of one of the resources we're using their final running order - but it's always curious to see which themes, which order and why.


  • On Advent, why not see The Dictionary of European Baptist Life and Thought which lays out many of the alternative possibilities ?

  • We're going with 5 songs - Mary, Zechariah, Rachel, Elizabeth & Simeon.

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