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Advent 0

I've mentioned a few times we are having a slightly extended Advent this year, so today is hereby declared Advent 0 as we have our first lunchtime reflection service thingy.  In a few minutes I will load all my clutter into my car and drive to the Gathering Place - a rare event, I almost always walk.

Today our focus is on the story of Tamar, one of the lesser known parts of Genesis and seen by some as a mere interlude or excursus in the more familiar Joseph story.  Tamar's tale is hardly a happy one, and too readily people read in things that aren't there, making her the villain of the piece, despite the appalling treatment she receives from Judah, who fails to fulfil his commitments.

Not wishing to spoil the effect for those who amy come along, I'm not going to say any more just yet.  The one teaser for everyone who reads this stuff is this: go and read the Matthew genealogy of Jesus, pause at each of the women mentioned and ask yourself 'why her?'  If you were drawing up Jesus' family tree, which women (and, for that matter, men!) would you include and why.

Despite Onan making a fleeting appearance in our Bible reading, we will not be expending any effort on the trouble he has caused throughout the ages as people have mis-read and mis-applied that particular aspect of the story!!

Lots of red in our visual focus... can you tell why?  Intriguing the associations this colour holds in different cultures and at different times of year!

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