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Sign seen in the place where this evening's service was held:




So how do you read it?

a) A person from China overcooks the evening meal?

b) Some obscure ceremony whereby those attending the evneing meal are subjected to a 'chinese burn'

c) A combined Burns Supper and Chinese New Year celebration?


It was, as we all undoubtedly guessed, (c) but I'm afraid (b) came to my mind, and when I pointed out the potential confusion to someone they thought I meant (a).

As the saying goes, 'what does it say, how do you read it?'


  • LOL, Catriona! I've sussed this comment thing - keep it short! :-)

  • Thanks P. Short - or no paragraph breaks - seems to work more often

  • Sue's comment did't work. Abbrev. version here. She thought (b) too. Haggis and sweet & sour sauce????!

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