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Happy Bappy

Yesterday among the visitors at the Gathering Place was a minister friend from Wales.  I only found out he was coming a couple of hours before we met, so no time to panic over my exegesis or whatever.  Good to see you C!

Over the weekend I had emails from two of my Girlie Rev friends wanting to meet up at Assembly.  One meet is now almost sorted in the afternoon before Assembly starts and the other will hopefully get slotted in soon.  So looking forward to seeing you D and L.

This morning yet another minister friend sent me an email saying she is visiting two ex-Baptists (now C of S) and can she call in to say hello when she is in Glasgow.  For about a decade people used to confuse us for each other... no more, I suspect, as finally our hairstyles are substantially different!  Can't wait R.

And I have the luxury of staying with another of my wonderful minister friends and her husband for the duration of the Assembly... time for some good chin-wags, plenty of marmite (yum) and late night laughter for sure.  Thank you J & T

Oh yes, and at some point this week I will have my monthly breakfast meeting with my local C of S colleagues... have we decided where yet?  Looking forward to it D,R,F.

As I merrily type this in to my laptop, it strikes me how context driven this is... I have identified almost as many women Baptist ministers here as there are in the whole of Scotland.  Maybe this is partly why I'm happy - sometimes it's nice to be part of a bigger minority!


  • Enjoy, Catriona! Our colleague friends are so important and to be cherished.

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