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Gye Nyame - Except (for) God

One of the lovely things about our church community is its racial and cultural diversity.  This is reflected in some lovely African cloth used week by week in Sunday worship, by a wooden celtic cross, by the engraved 'white metal' communion chalices, and so on.  In my office I have one or two little objects brought back as gifts by overseas students.  Recently one of our students returned from a trip to Ghana and Nigeria with a lovely carved wooden symbol mounted in colourful cloth and bearing the words Gye Nyame - Except God.  Here is what the symbol looks like (photo from web):


The beautiful, handcrafted banner is now hanging on the wall of the Gathering Place (and I am desperately hoping no-one nicks it!).  It seems to me a fantastic example of inculturation, a profound Christian truth expressed in a traditional Ghanaian carving - the supremity and sovereignty of God.


As you view the symbol, I wonder what you see and how you react.  I am just thrilled to enjoy it, and hope others will too.

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