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So, today was the second 'launch' of the Big-hearted Lyfe stuff.  I took a very different tack with the group today, added a bit more of Matthew 13 and cross referenced a few other passages.  It was a very different discussion, but just as good as that on Monday.  There were six of us, including two new people, and two others were unable to attend.  We pondered the ambiguity of defining things as 'good' or 'bad' - be that music or food or science or television or whatever.  We set the scary separation parables alongside such verses as 'judge not lest you be judged' and 'mercy triumphs over justice' which was quite helpful, I think.  We then picked up the two middle parables (hidden treasure and pearl of great price) which are largely ignored in the Lyfe guide.  We asked ourselves just what (if anything) would prompt us to give up all we had.

Of course we finished up with tea and cakes, it's the eleventh commandment.  It all seemed to go well, a happy afternoon to round off a productive and enjoyable day.

This week has been a bit 'up and down' and I think that's more about my over-sensitivity than anything.  However, it seems to be improving steadily towards an action packed weekend of cupcakes and new students.  Yippee!

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