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Once an ISTJ....

Today I came across a free online Myers Briggs type-indicator (hyphenation mine as otherwise it's ambiguous!) test.  It confirmed that despite all the last few years have sent my way, and despite the fact that I am now more of the sieze-the-day mentality than I used to be, I am still an ISTJ.

Catriona's Personality Type Results


Way back, when I was at college, a vicar did 'formal' MBTI tets for us and announced quite pointedly words to the effect that 'ISTJs are not ideally suited to be ministers'.  Pah!  Actually my ISTJ-ness has been well employed this past almost a decade, so I reckon God probably makes some pretty good calls.


You can find it here

Other personality tests are available and none should be taken too seriously!


  • Greetings from another ISTJ! And I see no reason why you can't be an ISTJ and a minister...

  • There are a fair few of us actually... and no reason why there shouldn't be.

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