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Harvest Reflections

This morning's service seemed to go really well - the place was packed out, despite several people being away on holiday or unwell.  Everyone joined in, and there did seem to be plenty of laughter and generosity abounding as we shared together.  It felt, to me, like a proper All Age Service in that, at no stage did did we split into adults and children doing differently.  There was no sermon, but a snappy little reflection read from the Operation Agri book with about two minutes from me added on the end.  We sang in Spanish and English.  Some of us multi-tasked a syncopated percussion rhythm against a syncopated Samba rhythm song!  (And one of us operated the PowerPoint at the same time!).  The children enthusiastically entered into the activities - as did the adults if truth be told - and managed to be really still and quiet in the appropriate places.  We shared tortillas for communion as that seemed more fitting than a loaf, and imagined oursleves in the upper room with Jesus.

I had fun... and now I am bushed!  Good bushed.  Spent and happy - the way a minister dreams of feeling on a Sunday afternoom!

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