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Mysterious Ways

A bit 'blog light' at the moment.  Not because I'm fed up with it, not because nothing is happening, but because there doesn't seem to be much that is either appropriate or pertinent to share.

It's been a busy week - which is good - and since Sunday morning I've already worked around 30 hours even with a day off along the way, so perhaps not too surprising I'm starting to feel tired.  This week has involved two meetings - the Pastoral Care Team and the Deacons-By-Any-Other-Name - each of which weas purposeful and productive.  The 'mysterious ways' refers to a couple of links from today's BUGB e-news sweep one on pastoral visitation and one on worship.  These are well worth a look see.

John Rackley on pastoral visitation seems to have a similar approach to my own, and in a sense says nothing much new.  Our pastoral care approach is multiplex, with almost everyone being 'buddied' by two others as well as being on a 'list' for periodic contact or visiting.  On top of that the Bible Study groups, Coffee Club and other networks serve a pastoral as well as spiritual purpose. It seems to work pretty well, but it's good to read reflect on what others have to say.

Jonathan Langley's post here, comes with a health warning!  It is laugh out load funny in places, so best not read whilst supping your tea/coffee or munching your lunch.  Spraying the computer with any of these is rather unfortunate and not very edifying.  Nothing he says he new, but he says it brilliantly and pertinently, so go take a look!  We are  are in the midst of a bit of an experiment with our worship format, which is proving a catalyst for some serious reflection on just what we are about on a Sunday morning.  This is something I doubt would have occurred had we not made the changes.  People are engaging, even with things that they don't especially like (or maybe actively dislike) and seem to be open to exploring the broader, more profound questions that arise.

Back to the tasks in hand now - service prep, admin, church magazine article, some longer term thinking... love it!

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