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Fifty for Fifty? Golden Challenges...

Among the people I met when I was climbing Ben Nevis were two women a year older than me who had decided to set themsleves the challenge of completing "fifty things" to celebrate reaching their fiftieth birthdays.  These included challenges, crazy capers and of course some treats.  As I will reach said milestone quite soon (hurrah, hurrah, I am genuinely happy to be reaching fifty!) I thought I might to come up with a list of fifty things to do during my year of being fifty.

I am open to suggestions that are safe, legal and befit my status in life!  Not sure if I will get to fifty, but it's worth contemplating!

On my list so far are...

  • visit a friend in Mozambique
  • write a conference paper for the Baptist 'hearts & minds' gathering in August 2013
  • do some charity fundraising for a local (rather than national) charity
  • get away to at least one guided retreat (possibly during my sabbatical)
  • possibly climb Snowdon and Scafell - slowly, sedately and just for fun! (depends how the joints bear up under continued drug side effects)
  • laugh a lot and enjoy every moment as much as I can (actually that should be top of the list!)


  • 1. Fly a kite - preferably on Tenstsmuir Beach near St Andrew's

    2. Learn to play the ukulele

  • loving the kite flying - added; musical instrument-wise maybe I'll rediscover my violin...

  • Find time to read 50 books for FUN.

  • "like" as the expression goes

  • begin to write a book :)

  • Have a 50th birthday celebration with someone born on the same day.

  • Have a 50th birthday meal with someone born the same day.

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