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Not The Harvest Supper...

This evening we are having a Latin American evening which is a blend of social and fundraiser towards the Operation Agri harvest appeal.  My laptop is loaded with Nicaraguan music and a little quiz, and the DVD with information is ready for use.  My morning was spent shopping, prep-ing (sp?) food for this evening and baking the 'pastel des tres leches' - a very rich cake type thing:


Containing no less than five eggs, a big tin of evaporated milk, a big tin of condensed milk and a huge pot of whipping cream, it is very much a 'luxury' dessert -so I really hope people enjoy it. 

At the moment I'm just relieved to have got it to church in one piece - unlike the four bottles of elderflower presse all in one bag which slipped out of my hand and three of them broke, launching the street in true maritime fashion with a delightful 'crack' and a host of bubbles.  Good job M& S is round the corner and there's loads to time to buy more.

Sermonising is so much simpler!!


Someone was smiling on me though, because having emptied my car of its load, and gathered the broken glass from the kerbside, I found a parking space opposite church and had enough change to pay to park their the rest of the day.  Sorted.  And a few slightly dodgy thank you prayers to boot!!

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