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Movements this Week...

When I had a 'real job' we used to a 'location chart' or 'movements sheet' to keep track of who was where on a week by week basis.  With a fair sized team (mine was about a dozen at its peak) this was very useful.  In churches we are much less formal - as a rule most people simply trust us to get on and do our work and not bunk off all the time.  This is good, but it can sometimes result in people not knowing, for example, which is the 'day off' or why you seem to have 'vanished'.

Anyway, this week looks like this...

Monday - manically prepare and lead a fabulously fun Nicaraguan evening

Tuesday - rest day.... er, well finish clearing up the debris at home then zzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday to Saturday ... after Coffee Club, travelling to/from and attending Baptist Assembly (Scotland)

Sunday - hurrah for extra hour in bed (won't get home til midnight Saturday) then visit cafe church at nearby C of S on my 'free' Sunday.

Monday... start all over again!

So, blogland will be quiet as I'm not taking my laptop with me and I do not have a smart phone.

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