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First Week of Advent: Monday

In yesterday's sermon (not one of my finest, it has to be admitted) I noted that in the lectionary gospel reading (Luke 21: 25 - 36) Jesus used a mini-parable in which he equated the new leaves emerging on a fig tree with the inbreaking of God's Kingdom.  I mentioned that throughout scripture plant and tree metaphors are often used in such a way.  As if by confirmation, in the evening service, we had two Isaiah readings (from chapters 11 and 60) each of which used 'tree' imagery.

This morning there is snow on the ground in Glasgow.  When we get snow the defiance of green shoots - the emerging leaves of spring bulbs - through the snow, the imagery becomes very apparent.  The signs are there.  The teeny weeny shoots are breaking through the dark earth.  New buds are forming on stark, bare trees.  The Kingdom of God is becoming... but as yet, you have to look carefully to see it, for its full bloom is not yet.

Maybe we should take a moment today, in the garden, in the park, even at the plant on the window sill, to seek out the tiny signs of emergent growth.

Maybe, too, we should look around us, for the other signs of God's Kingdom - glimpses of grace, mercy and love...


It's hard, Lord God, to spot the signs of new growth

New life

New hope


Hard because we have become so accustomed to looking for

Neon signs

Flashing Lights

Writing on walls

Supernatural intervention

Religious experiences


Open our eyes

Open our minds

Open to hearts

That we might spot

Just one green shoot

Just one tiny bud

And in it, glimspe more of you



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