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Les Miserables

This afternoon my 'day off' treat was going to watch the film adaptation of the musical adaptation of Victor Hugo's novel.

One word: BRILLIANT!

I had enjoyed the stage version greatly when I saw in Manchester more than a decade ago (somehow we managed to wangle a deal where we got tickets for that and Phantom of the Opera for a really good price), but to my surprise, I think I did enjoy this more.

Superbly cast, with a clever blend of pathos and humour, some stunning scenery and wonderful music, it was quite simply a great afternoon out.  Rich in ideas about religion and faith, rule following and rule breaking, good and evil, life and death, hope and despair... I'm definitely glad I went to see it.

Mix that with a bit of spare room blitzing so that it now has space to install a desk ready to give me a sabbatical workspace, and it has been just lovely.  One happy bunny!

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