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Count Your Blessings - Day 10


At least 37.6% of the world’s population live under authoritarian regimes.

Give £1 if you did not use your vote in the last local or general election

DID NOT USE YOUR VOTE! Never!  From as long as I can remember, my Dad dinned it into us that we must always vote, that people died to get us the  vote, that voting was a privilege not a right, that even if we spoiled out ballot paper as a protest we must still get out here and do it.  A cheap day, financially, but a sobering one, given how many people don't bother to play their part in the democratic processes we take for granted.

My pledge

Today - one mild rant!

Total - £12.10, two prayers and some incredulity!


  • I always vote, always! For the same reasons your Dad gave and especially because I'm a woman.

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