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Count Your Blessings: Day 15


In the UK, less than 15% of average household expenditure goes on food and non-alcoholic drinks. In developing countries, people spend 60-80% of their incomes on food.

Give 60p if you spend less than 60% of your income on food.


Well now.  Today is Coffee Club day, when somewhere between 8 and 20 of us will gather in a local hostelry to sup tea/coffee/hot chocolate/whatever.  The retail cost of a cuppa there is, if I recall correctly £1.09, but the majority of us put £2 in the 'kitty' and the excess subsidises outings and treats as well as paying for cards and small gifts for folk who are unwell or have special life events.  A number of us also will usually stay on and buy lunch, which probably averages out at a fiver a head most weeks, for a 'lite bite' and another cuppa.  So let's say, on average I spend £7 a week at Coffee Club... set against that a 'fine' of 60p for the fact that even with this weekly 'dining out', almost daily coffee for the independent coffee shop etc. I spend way less than 60% of my income on food (though I'd say a good deal more than the 15% suggested, as ethical and health factors impact expenditure) and it feels awfully little.  What to do?  In the end I'll settle for £2, the same as my Coffee Club 'subs' as that feels a reasonable compromise...  Food week is definitely making me think!


My Pledge

Today - £2

Total - £19.25, three prayers and a rant!

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