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This week is proving quite demanding, not overwhelmingly so, but pretty comprehensively.  I realised yesterday that it is now likely that I will be working straight through until Easter Sunday with, at most half a day off.  That's not so unusual for ministers, but it made me think.

Life is fragile, and life is precious.  There have been many reminders of that in a week that, but for the grace of God, could have been very different.  Tragedy is only ever a few steps away, and it is just as well we have no way of knowing if or when our path will bring us to that place.

Much of the stuff I am dealing with is not for public consumption, mainly because it is confidential, so you will have to wonder!


God who has shared the depths of sorrow and despair

Who has experienced the fragility of human life

Who has wept at the graveside of a friend

Who has stared into the abyss

Who has been through the mystery of death

Comfort all who weep

Embrace those who ask 'why?'

Strengthen all who are numb

Vulnerable God, hear our prayer.

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