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Count Your Blessings: Day 29


Deforestation in Haiti is a severe problem. In the 1920s, 60% of Haiti was forested, now just 2% of forests remain.

Give 20p for each local park or green space where you live.


Glasgow is a green city, that is a city in which avenues of trees abound and verges are set with dafoffils and crocuses.  Manchester, likewise has abundant tree-lined streets, huge tubs of flowers on tarmaced verges.  And so it goes on.  Everywhere I have lived, rural, suburban, urban, inner city, there has been greeness, and plenty of it.  I have never lived more than ten minute's walk from a park or a green space.  As I look out from my living room window I see large expanses of green - the lawn in front of the flats opposite, and a triangle of grass in a road junction with several establiushed trees, and at this time of year, a mass of multi-coloured crocuses (croci?).  So how should I count the parks of spaces?  Oh dear, back to semantics!  I will stick with those I visit regularly or pass in the course of my everyday journeys to/from church...

Cross Park, Victoria Park, Kelvingrove Park, Glsgow Botanical Gardens

Athole Gardens (private, no ball games, no running, no smiles.... defiant flowers!

The triangle at the road junction

The central reservation on Great Western Rd, with a host of daffodils worthy of a Lakeland poet!

And the lawn hidden behind my block of flats

Eight spaces @ 20p... £1.60


My Pledge

Today - £1.60

Total - £25.85, five prayers, one rant, one memory and one e-petition signed

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