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Count Your Blessing: Day 38


Today, an estimated 863 million people are living in slum conditions compared to 760 million in 2000.

Give 10p for each home you have lived in that has provided you with shelter and comfort.

I have a sense of deja vue here - I have already posted a length the homes in which I have lived, or at least these that I lived in long term.

OK... full count of those I can remember or am aware of...

Childhood: three I remember, at least two I don't

Student years: one hall of residence, two flats

Adult years: two homes I owned, two lots of temporary accommodation, one rented flat, two manses

So that adds up to fifteen, assuming I counted correctly!

My pledge

Today £1.50

Total - £34.05, seven prayers, some thoughts and one e-petition signed

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