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Count Your Blessings: Days 39 & 40

OK, so here's the thing...

If you are a 'purist' Sundays in Lent are not Lenten, which means there are still fives days to go during Holy Week.  But if you are not a purist you can stop tomorrow (Sunday) or you can be extra holy and carry on anyway!


Governments in the developing world find it difficult to monitor pesticide use. In Ghana, 7 banned pesticides are still sold. Farmers misusing pesticides risk cancer, birth defects and damage to the central nervous system.

Give 20p for each household product you own with a warning label.



People in richer countries like ours make up 20% of the world’s population, but we buy and use 86% of the world’s goods – almost all of them!Visit a charity shop this weekend instead of buying something new.


Household products - do they mean cleaning products and the like?  Do they include things that say 'avoid contact with eyes' such as shampoo or skin cream?  It does seem a bit vague as to where the line ought to be drawn.

From aerosols to washing up liquid, washing powder to disinfectant, iodine sprays for wound care and bleach and oven cleaner... I gave up counting when I got to 30, or I'd be needing a bank loan!

30 x 20p is £6 - a dear day!


Today we had a sale at church to help fundraise for someone going to Malawi as an educational specialist... some of our children helped staff stalls and we sent lots of goods to various charity shops at the end of the day.  So all in all we ticke a lot of blessing counting boxes!


My pledge

Today - £6

Total - £40.05, seven prayers, some thoughts and one e-petition signed

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