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Count Your Blessings: Day 44


Worldwide, around 215 million children work, many full-time.

Give 10p for each child in your family who has time to play.

OK, This week I am having an every increasing sense of deja vue - each time I read the challenge, I think "I've done that one already, haven't I?".  Oh dear, am I turning into Theresa of Avila with an amazing forgetory?  Or can I just blame it on long-term chemo-brain?!  A not terribly thorough back track through posts, and a google search suggest that I haven't already done this one, so either I am becoming prescient or losing the plot totally (or both!!).  Maybe I need a bit more time to play myself?!

Anyhow, children in my family with time to play - that'd be all the under eighteens, so three nieces, two nephews plus one great niece... making a total of six.

My pledge

Today - 60p

Total - Total - £43.80, eight prayers, some thoughts and one e-petition signed

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