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Count Your Blessings: Days 46 and 47


In 2012, Christian Aid partner Ekta Parishad organised one of the biggest non-violent campaigns the world has ever seen. 60,000 people set off to march over 200km across India to hold the Indian government to its promises to protect the land rights of poor dalit and tribal communities. After 10 days, the march ended when the government agreed to the marchers’ demands. This momentous achievement could lift 400 million landless poor out of poverty in India.

Give thanks for this wonderful outcome and pray that the Indian government holds true to its promises. Pray for all those in the world who don’t have legal rights to their ancestral land.


So finally we arrive at Holy Saturday and the last weekend entry from CYB.

The story from India is encouraging and inspiring; at the same time it serves as one more reminder of the complexity of a disordered world where so many people fail to be treated fairly or justly, where there are no quick fixes or easy answers.  There is something in the bewilderment of Holy Saturday that resonates here - so often our hopes and dreams seem to fall apart; our best endeavours fall short of our aspirations; the metaphorical bucket into which we add our drops of water seems not only enormous, but also leaky.  Of course we must give thanks, but we must also keep in mind that the work goes on, and that we have to be the answers to our own prayers.


Thank you God for good news -

Good news of governments repsonding to the heartcries of needy people

Good news of aid reaching those in the most urgent need

Good news of hope reborn and life restored

Good news, that even in the darkest times

You are there, sharing the heartche, and shaping a brighter future

If only we have the eyes to see, minds to perceive, and hearts to respond

Thank you God for the work of Christian Aid

And, as we count our blessings, one last time,

Help us live our gratitude day by day



My pledge

Today - one prayer

Total - £43.80, ten prayers, some thoughts and one e-petition signed


To make the maths easier, I will round up my pledge to £45, and add it to the donations made at our lunch time reflections during Holy Week (and those from Advent which are still in my desk drawer at church!)  Having checked the Christ'an Aid "Present Aid" website, £45 would pay for either an 'agriculture and livestock bundle' or an 'emergency and disaster relief bundle' and still have change left over...


Count your many blessings, name them one by one; and it will surprise you what the Lord has done...

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