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Good Friday

This morning we have our interactive children's vigil with a brilliant script written by one of our folk.

There are at least two different  three-hour vigil services i could go to, and I ought to go the evening one, as it's being hosted by a church new to the whole idea of shared Holy Week worship.  I have a 'problem' with Good Friday evening services... Jesus is dead folk, dead and buried, the discpiles have fled... A Tenebrae could be very effective, but woe betide anyone who takes us back before the death or, worse, tries to pre-empt Sunday!

Enter the pain and bewilderment if you can.  Spare a thought for all those who today will weep for lost loved ones, or who will be recipients of bad news.  Don't rush to resurrection - it needs the empty, aching void of waiting if it is to be real.


  • Pre-empting Sunday should be made a sin but it happens too often. We need the emptiness.

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