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Auld Claes and Porridge

So today it's back to reality after a week of catch-up rest days and then a 24 hour prayer retreat in Pilochry.

I was anxious about the retreat, bothered that it would loud and triumphalist and everything that winds me up about Baptist life.  I was anxious that there would be scary blokes who objected to women in ministry.  I feared it would be tough going.  For once my fears proved groundless.  I had a lovely time with fourteen gracious, gentle, funny, kind, affirming men, as we listened for God speaking through one another, through scripture, through silence, through prayer.  I came home feeling relaxed and refreshed (at least until the next round of emails and computer software glitches!!).  it was probably the best experience of Scottish Baptist life I have had, so huge thanks to those who invited me and who organised it, especially C, who is just such a lovely guy.

Today it's back to admin, back to the privilege of speaking to people in all of life's variety, back to preparing for Sunday worship - and the delight of a guest preacher of some repute!  And the mundane things like an eye test, and printing out rotas, and trying to sort this flippin' computer (did not realise that the default factory setting is such that it does NOT automatically create restore points, which would have solved my problems in minutes, grr.  Fixed that now, so next time...)

The retreat was meant to be about listening for God - and I think I did hear, sense, God saying something to me - nothing earth shattering, nothing I did not already know, but something I knew I needed to be reminded of.  And that was good.

So then, choosing hymns or fixing windows live mail... hmm!



UPDATE - hymns picked; live mail fixed... Oh happy day!

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