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So I'm a Little Slow...

Not much of note been happening this week, just a steady game of catch-up on the admin, several small meetings and the realisation that next week starts the last 'lap' before my sabbatical and there's still a heck of a lot of preparation to do for that if it isn't going to end up as three months wasted.

Anyway, the one thing that is new is that on Easter Sunday I finally relented and allowed Holly Cat into my bedroom.  Having been brought up strictly that 'animals do not go in bedrooms' I had held out for more than 18 months, during which every night a yowling, door-scratching moggie would wake me up several times.  Suddenly, all is quiet!  She knows that the bedroom is for sleeping (or seems to), accepts that the door is closed by day, but trots in purring when it's time for bed.  Up she jumps, curls into a pretzel shape at the end of the bed, and is sound asleep in seconds.  And I sleep better too.

My biggest fear, based on other people's tales was a cat dribbling onto my face, demanding food - so far, so good on that one!

There's probably a moral in there somewhere, or a sermon, but I'll leave that as an exercise to the reader!


  • Aha! A purrfect illustration of the Cat Rules http://www.grassmere-animal-hospital.com/humor.htm

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