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Count Down to Sabbatical - Three

Yesterday saw the vestry cleaning completed, a huge consignment of card taken to the recycling centre and a few bags of non-recyclable stuff filled ready for council collection today.  To be honest, the four or five sacks seemed not too bad as the result, in some cases, of more than four years storage (some of it travelled north with me from Dibley!)

Today I have a couple of meetings, need to try to track down an invoice I've managed to lose and do a few last bits of admin then I'm probably as near to 'done' as it'll get.

Feels strange, but it is good that I now have a nearly complete 'calendar' and know at which church I intend to worship which week.  Just a couple of catch-up trips to see family and friends to arrange and I'll be done!


  • Hope lots of 'rest' is also booked in! ;-)

  • Week1, Day 1 - s-l-e-e-p!

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