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Wardrobe Downsizing

It's embarrassing... I have not ironed for four weeks now, though all the washing is up to date, and I still have LOADS of clean, ironed clothes in the wardrobe.  Time, then for a declutter, a systematic, non-sentimental (well almost) sift through the things that hang there unworn and really ought to be passed on to charity shops or even for rags (arguably some are almost museum pieces, such as the C&A blouses I bought in 1988! (and I actually wore one as fancy dress a few weeks back)).

So now there are a couple of small cases and a couple of bags full of stuff... seven suits in assorted colours, goodness knows how many white blouses that date back to my industry days, a variety of 'ugh' cardigans and jumpers I have been gifted at various points (some still NWT in Ebay language) and various other items that I have long stopped wearing.

It was an interesting exercise, one I do every couple of years (with varying degrees of ruthlessness), partly because I could clearly remember when and where I bought most of the items, and why I bought them (hence why they have hung there so long).  Many happy memories stirred or people and places.

It was also a very sobering exercise in how much material wealth we take for granted in the west.  I quick count showed that I still have twelve suits in the wardrobe, and though I chucked out all the winter skirts (nothing under a decade old!) still more than enough outfits to keep me going for a long, long time.

Next job... start on the ironing mountain.  Not a task I like, but I love the results... and it will be good to be back on track to weekly quantities again!

If cleanliness is next to godliness, then maybe a bit of decluttering constitues a step towards holiness?!


  • Well done. Not a big clothes buyer so my decluttering is the things that no longer fit. :-(

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