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Blessed Perspective?

This week I have heard a lot of gripes over minor things, which have annoyed me, because there are many, many major things happening locally and globally.  As is my wont, I started typing and this is what came out:



Blessed are those who are bored at work; for they have paid employment

Blessed are those who are stuck in traffic jams; for they have somewhere to go

Blessed are those who grumble that food is not to their liking; for they have food to eat

Blessed are those who 'don't have a thing to wear'; for they have many things to wear

Blessed are those who hate double maths (geography/PE/other subject); for they have access to education

Blessed are those who appointment is running late; for they have access to health care

Blessed are those who grumble about government policy; for they have freedom to disagree

Blessed are those who moan about the hymns/sermon/prayers; for they have freedom to practice their faith

Blessed are we when life throws up minor irritations and even major annoyances, for so it is for all people, and, if nothing else, it reminds us how blessed we are that by accident of birth we live in a liberal western democracy.


  • Oh, I DO like this, Catriona. Very thought-provoking indeed.

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