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Like many others, I am pleased with the outcome of the UK government's vote on Syria.  I am less pleased with the tendnecy we have to say 'Victory for Party X' or 'Defeat for Policy Y'.  Why can't we just be grateful that sometimes democracy actually works?  It matters not to me who is 'in power' (I've never yet voted for the 'ruling' party in European, UK, Scottish, County, Borough or Parish elections, so I'm obviosuly not very good at this stuff!) or who it is that puts up the proposal; what matters is that there is enough serious engagement to make good decisions that echo the mind of the people... or at least that of those with the energy to voice their views.

Having said all that, I'm equally aware of the power of vocal minorities, which can totally skew perception and cause problems for those charged with implementing the outcome of their demands. 

And I am aware of the potential for vocal minorities on ocassion to be dangerous, such as some of the extremist groups, of all persuasions, throughout the UK.

I think I just wish that we could recognise the wonder that democracy is, and rejoice when it seems as if it works without resort to language of winners and losers.


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