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The first Sunday of the month is, unsurprisingly, Communion Sunday at the Gathering Place.  Recently I have to an extent 'formalised' arrangements for taking communion with those often termed "shut-ins"... trying to ensure that it happens in the week following the church's celebration of communion and making sure that at least one, and preferably two or three, other people go with me.

This week was the first time we managed to organise to share with each of the two people who are no longer able to get to church.  Each was a very special time, and each moving, humbling and a sign of community.  For any Anglican or Catholic readers, we were almost at the 'reserved sacrament' level, as I took the left over bread and juice from Sunday (though had to buy new bread yesterday for the second visit) and for ordinance theoligians like me it was just common sense not to waste food!!


A coffee table is set with mismatched glasses

(A wine glass, a tumbler and what looks suspiciously like a whisky glass)

A quarter loaf lies on a serviette

From memory we sing a hymn, and half a hymn, and a psalm

"The Lord's my shepherd"

"Blessed Assurance"

"Great is thy Faithfulness"

Familiar words and forms transport us back in time

And across in space

Linking India and Aberdeen, Northampton and Glasgow

"When you do this, remember"


Another coffee table is set with gleaming crystal sherry glasses,

(A source of amusement to host and guest)

A perfect roll sits on a sideplate

Next to it, on a large plate, a splendid, iced sponge cake

Awaits its fate

Hymnbooks this time, No 144, No 555

Pitched too high, then too low, by verse three we get there

More links of place and time

Wales and London and College and Kirk

"When you do this, remember"


Two nonagenarians (one almost a centenarian)

Re-membering and re-connecting

With times and places and people

And with the God who comes close

When a few people gather in Christ's name -

"When you do this, remember"


  • I used to love doing home communion. It's a wonderful mix of sacramental and pastoral.

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