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Windy Weather!

This morning I was blown uphill on my way to work - which I was happy about; however I think the lady trying to walk downhill was not so chuffed!

Scotrail decided to suspend all the trains - perhaps as well given the number of small and not so small branches I stepped over, to sat nothing of leaves, bread crates, plastic bags and flapping awnings.

I have stopped counting the number of sirens on emergency vehicles tearing up and down the road, but it's a lot - bad weather seems to have some inevitable results.

But all here is well - I have checked the roof, swept the paths and checked the met Office Weather status.  It seems the winds are due to abate and we may even get some (shhhhh) sunshine later.

After all that fun and games I think I earned my slightly larger than usual skinny fairtrade latte - but now I need to get on and earn my keep doing proepr minister stuff!!

PS Today's poem will be posted late as I have back-to-back stuff all day until late evening! Happy madness!


  • Glad you're safe. It was quite a day!

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