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Day 2 in the NSM House

Posted on Day 3, oh well!

Whole day devoted to aspects of conflict resolution and healthy decision making.  Good stuff and, if all familiar, useful to go back over it again.  It felt timely to revisit some apsects of communal decision making, so overall quite useful if unexciting.

I do find the assumption that all ministers and church office bearers are male trying and wish that those at the front would make a more obvious effort to counter this... we can have 'church-persons' or 'chairs' (even if I don't like that term much) we can refer to 'spouses' not 'wives' (When someone said 'wives and families' in an open thought-shower session and I said "should that be 'spouses' (or "spice" which a tleast raised a smile) the scribe said "spouses and wives then".  No.  It's not that people mean to be sexist (well most don't) but they don't think and they don't seem to want to change... "everyone knows man includes woman" kind of thing.  Sigh, back in time by two decades.

Overall, I'm glad I came, it has been less anxiety inducing than I feared.  Just that it's demanding being that 'pioneer' person people think I am.  With all the talk about pioneer minsitries, I hope the various organisations realise just what they are demanding of those they send out in horse drawn waggons to explore uncharted terrain...

Nice apple crumble and soy-free ice-cream last night, and marmite on the breakfast table - grateful for the little things :)


  • Again - and I can't say it enough, Thank You!

  • My bugbear is people who assume that everyone has close family of some sort. No, they don't!!

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