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  • Not-even-remotely-low Sunday!

    Well, I can only speak for myself but it was a great Sunday today... church full, several visitors, the joy of faces not seen so often for good reason, great music, thoughtful prayers and that palpable but inexplicable sense that this is good moment.

    Today two former popes representing very different parts of the RC church were canonised in a service conducted by two living popes who also differ greatly.  It was a profound and beautiful moment in the history of the church, in my opinion anyway, prophetically saying that saint-hood crosses all the silly human-made divides and is not remotely connected to 'perfection'.

    All this fitted perfectly with my carefully prepared, but partly abandoned in the light of the above, sermon on Mary, Peter and Thomas - three very human, very imperfect disicples who are each called 'saints', and with the trajectory that we are all 'saints in the making'.

    Now I am sitting on a train with wobbly wifi (though it is better on the 'west' side where I am sitting this time than it was when I was on the 'east' side!) feeling tired and happy... it has been a good weekend and I am, among all ministers, truly blessed.

  • Hmmm...

    It is five years ago this weekend since I first set foot in the Gathering Place... and what a lot has happened since then!

    Five years since, on the Sunday morning a greeting steward, now long since promoted to glory, heard I'd come up from Leicestershire, and said, as only she could "Leicester Shire.... that's a long way to come  to preach".  It makes me smile just to recall that!  Thus began an adventure we have shared that has seen highs and lows, in which I've made mistakes and in which I've seen others blossom and grow, and we are still together.  I love my church, our church, and five years on, I am proud to be part of it.

    This morning we made a very important decision about the next steps in our journey together - and it was unanimous.  It's hard to explain how much that means, or how much work lay behind it, but it was so good and it seemed fitting to be this five year anniversary point of 'meeting' if not of 'coventanting' (that's in October)

    It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us... and today my heart sings!

    As one person was heard to observe as the result was announced "praise the Lord!"

  • Uplifting

    Today has been characterised by lots of admin, a chance meeting and two pastoral visits.  Obviously it is not appropriate to discuss the meeting or either of the visits, but each in its way was uplifting.  A conversation about the appalling standards of English grammar may not sound like the stuff of an uplifting time, but it really was.  Likewise a shared slice of (rather tasty) lemon drizzle cake and general conversation.  Oh, and the all-day breakfast, accompanied by deep discussion, was lovely!

    Lots still do before the weekend, but overall it's been a positive week.

  • Ten Years Younger!

    Today I was seeing my GP about a minor but annoying problem (turns out to be tennis elbow; needs physio and topical gel) and she commented on how well I was looking, noting that she'd had to double check my age as she was sure I was ten years younger than I am... good compliment, thank you!  Made my Wednesday.

  • Flippant.... but carries a sense of truth....

    Apologies to anyone who finds this offensive but I liked it...

    resurrection grave.jpg

    Huges thanks to musicians, choristers, bacon cookers, table layers, craft supervisors, hymnbook hander-outers, banner hangers, chair shifters, table movers, washer-uppers, drink makers-and-pourers, liturgy writers, prayer-creators, Bible-readers and all who made this this such a wonderful Easter weekend.  May you all find spaces to rest... and rise refreshed and renewed in a few days time