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The de-cluttering continues if not apace, at least it continues!  An hour of so a day is my target so as not to hurt my arms and because there is more to life that chucking stuff away!

Last night I was sifting through ridiculous numbers of photo enevelopes containing now useless negatives and those failed pictures with no heads, or blurred, or out of focus from the good old days where you had to wait and see if photos had worked, to say nothing of spare postal photo-service envelopes that would now have no purpose whatsoever!

In amongst it all I found a piece of A4 paper folded in half with some words typed on them... it was the church magazine article I'd written following my Baptism in which I made mention of Moses coming off the mountain with a shining face that would fade, and of the Transfiguration and Peter at al having to return to earth after their mountain top encounter.  I had long forgotten ever having written this, but it resonated with, and complemented some of, what I said last Sunday... and actually as I now realise anticipated some of what would be preached in my ordination sermon years later.  Spooky but reassuring, curious and comforting.

So one copy of that (I had three...) has survived the cull and will go back into a drawer with other random items of personal significance.

Holy Spirit timing?  Mysterious ways?  Or the interconnectedness of all things?  I don't know, but it made me smile. 


  • A mixture of all three, I reckon.

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