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Cultivating Gratitude

Over in the addictive and displacement actvitiy world of social media, there is currently a craze for posting three things for which you are grateful every day for five days.  Ostensibly you tag thee more people a day, but I decided not to do that bit!

It's a good discipline, but for me it's not a new idea - counting blessings, looking for something of beauty, finding a positive every day... it's something I've known since childhood and actively practiced since 23rd August 2010 (well, probalby 24th acutally; BC:AD (before cancer: after diagnosis) transition anyway)

Why then, has it been challenging each day find three things to write down?

I think because, intuitively, when I write them down I feel they need to be a little bit worthy, or at least worthy of begins seen by others, rather than just the fleeting moments that gladden my heart.

Now, four days in (my fifth and final day will be delayed as I am offline for a couple of days meeting some friends in Greenwich) I have expressed my gratitude for...

  • the internet
  • sticky tape to remove laser toner from clothes and carpets
  • rain to green and refresh the city
  • lunch and great conversation with my 'mentee'
  • Public transport, especially trains, I love riding on trains even when it all does to pot!!
  • the NHS
  • Greggs (bakers) apple turnovers - tasy and one of my five a day!
  • internet shopping
  • Waterproof clothing
  • My chemo-buddies (who I will be meeting in Greenwich)
  • Recycling, upcycling, freecycling and bicycling (the (potential) outworking of de-cluttering.. anyone want a bike??)
  • Tea in all its varieties

I know some readers have played this 'game' and others practice 'gratefulness' in other ways, but who knows, maybe there is someone who might benefit from trying for three-a-day!!


  • There's space for the worthy AND the frivolous, as your list shows. :-)

  • I would ask why you don't start using the bike, but after P's experience this week maybe it's a silly question. E

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