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Happy (like a room without a roof?)

The Commonwealth Games vibe as well and truly arrived in Glasgow and I'm loving it.  Probably made even better by the fact that both Team Scotland and Team England are doing well.  And I keep seeing medals and thinking 'hmm, is that one that E made....'

Tonight I got out my tickets because tomorrow is the first event I attend - an early round of netball (and have to leave home at 07:30 latest to get there!!)


Netball (several sessions), hockey, Lawn bowls, some gymnastics (with my house guests) and then the epitome - the netball finals, my "this would be on my bucket list if I had one" event.  Apart from some of the netball, I will be going to events with friends, many of whom have been especially supportive over the last four years, and that will make it all the better.

Happy?  Oh yes!  But quite glad my room has a roof to keep the heat out.


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