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The Lighter Side...

After the heavy stuff of the past few days a couple of little things that appealed to the peverse sense of humour I have...

Last night I was helping with post service refreshments, and went to 'plunge' the caffetiere, only for it to erupt all over the work surface, spraying cups, biscuits, sugar packets and everything else with coffee... what a mess!  And I went to bed even after washing with that lovely, exlusive scent "eau de fairtrade coffee"!!

During the night I woke up as I usually do mid-melt (oh, the joys of chemically induced menopause sheduled to last a decade!!) and thought my shoulders were even wetter than usual (sorry if that's too much information)... I realised that my chillow had popped, or at least sprung a leak, soaking my pillow and bedding, ugh!  Up I got and sorted that out.

But, overall these two little incidents were so silly, so trivial that they brought a smile to my face, a lightness to my heart and a bit of perspective... OK so I'd had a tough old week, but I had one heck of a lot to be thankful for... including paper towels at church and spare bed linen at home!

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