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According to the Bible, Euodia and Syntyche had a quarrel, right?

Well, I actually took the time to read what it says... they clearly disagreed but I don't find the words 'quarrel' or 'fell out' or 'had a barney' or any such similar thing in the Greek.

Sure, they needed some help to resolve their disagreement, but then isn't that just an example of the kind of a model described in Matt 18 now seen in action?

I can't help feeling that centring on the perceived squabbling, bitching, bickering women is to read in what it doesn't actually say (eisegesis).  These women clearly had a significant role in the mission of the early church, and their failure to agree did not somehow debar them from office, rather together with help from others, they needed to sort it out... I reckon that's just common sense.

I'm preaching on this passage on Sunday (it's something of a gift!) so wait and see what I end up saying!

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