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A year on...


Hard to believe that a year has flown by since the tragedy of a police helicopter crashing into this Glasgow pub on the banks of the Clyde... the date anniversary is tomorrow, the equivalent day today.

Like all tragedies, there was a huge flurry of activity at the time, and then the media circus moved on, people went back to their everyday lives and the broken building waited silently, as it is still does, to discover its future.

There was a lot of talk about this or that event to raise money to restore it, and I have no idea how much of that actually came to pass.

Last Sunday I took this photo as I passed... a queue of cars waiting at the lights, a clear blue sky, people wandering along the road going about there ordinary Sunday lives.  A year on and normality has returned... except for the families of those who lost their lives, or who are emotionally scarred by their experiences... and for those whose livelihoods were wiped out along with the roof.

Black Friday?  Well, for so many here last year it really was a black day... I hope an dpray that this year will for all of them be just a bit brighter

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