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Too Much Choice!

This afternoon I decided to go to town to spend my assorted Waterstone's gift cards (other shops are, of course, available).  I had a few ideas of things I wanted to look for, but was mainly looking forward to a nice browse and possibly a cuppa in the instore coffee shop.

The coffee shop was mobbed, so I abandoned that idea very quickly.  In one section, anything I might have been interested in I already owned, whilst in another it took ages to locate the appropriate part of the alphabet in their somewhat muddled system.  Not quite the leisurely browse I'd imagined, but fun all the same - just way too many things to choose from to the point of near overwhelming.

In the end I bought a Malta tourist book (ahead of my autumn holiday - good to get organised!), an English translation of the Qur'an (because people are constantly citing bits out of context and I thought it might be good to see what it actually says), a complete book of Robert Burns poetry (educational if nowt else, but also in memory of someone) and two cat books, one more serious than the other.

And I came home with change left on one of my gift cards, so all in all a good day out.

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