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Nothing is wasted...

Someone asked a question in a Baptist facebook group, and I knew the answer because it was something I researched way back in my NAM days, and which I had thought might form part of my doctoral research (it didn't because I shifted from case studies to methodology as a focus, and then of course I abandoned it all after my cancer diagnosis).

It took a bit of digging, but there it was a 97% complete essay on a data stick, in a box, in a drawer.  And I had remembered correctly!

Maybe it's an essay I ought to tidy up and do something with if, as it seems, it is useful for others?  And maybe I should pair it up with the one I actually did complete, which gave rise to the hypothesis I had planned to explore... The PhD will never be done now, I just don't have the intellectual capacity anymore, but maybe the two pieces of work I did deserve to be read more widely than just by my NAM tutor of way-back-when?

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