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40 Acts - Day 17

This one reminds me of a very generous thing my Mum did for in the days when I was living by faith as a ministeiral student... Whenever she went shopping and there was a B.O.G.O.F. offer she thought I would like, she would get it for me.  Those tins of beans, packets of cereal or whatever it was made a huge difference to me at a time when money was tight.



We love this one!

Most people enjoy getting a bargain, but today your challenge is to pass the joy forward. If you spot a BOGOF deal in your local supermarket, snap it up and send it on. Buy one, give one free. Every little helps!



We've probably all got things at home we can share. A spare nearly-new toolkit, two copies of the same book ... you get the idea. What could you share with someone else today? Snap a photo and post it on social media, letting your friends know they can have it for free.



Jaffa Cakes. They’re our personal favourite. Just in case anyone wants to send some our way. Stock up on the deal of the day and share the love with your office, toddler group or wherever you happen to be today.



Head to your local trusted café or corner shop. Put some cash behind the counter and ask them to give everyone’s order for free until the money runs out.

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