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40 Acts - Day 19

This is one I find pretty challenging - simply because the logistics are more complex than other days and the responsibiltiy to get it right very great.  Writing to a stranger - how do you avoid being patronising or simplistic?  How might words be misread?  So in one sense I'm going to wimp out and do the 'green' option.  The reality is that I already give a few hours a month as as support volunteer for women affected by primary breast cancer - helping to normalise their experience, reassure them and if necessary journey with them through part of their treatment.  This support, by phone or email is both demanding and rewarding, is easily fitted in around my church responsibilties and allows me to 'give back' which I find important.

Anyway, here's the challenge - see what you make of it and how you might do or adapt any of it:


Today we've chosen two groups of people who could do with being remembered. Prisoners: isolated because of their own wrongdoing. Victims of domestic abuse: isolated because of someone else’s. Both groups need to know they aren't forgotten, or lost. We've all been given grace, and today we're extending that grace and friendship elsewhere.



If you can't get a letter of encouragement to someone today, spend five minutes praying for them instead.



Write a simple letter to a prisoner or a family in a refuge. Make it encouraging, positive and genuine.



Write a letter and then either commit to writing a letter each month or search for a domestic abuse charity or prison intervention programme and set up a monthly direct debit to support them.

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