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Yesterday I received the very sad news that a dear friend had died after a decade-long journey with cancer, and still only 48 years old.  She was an amazing person, never bitter or angry, always positive and making the most of every moment.  She loved pink, I hate pink.  She loved prosecco, cava and champagne, I drink tea.  She danced on the tables, I hide in a corner.  But we clicked and she enriched my life greatly.  Despite my sadness, I am still smiling when I recall times we shared, and I am grateful to have had the privilege to know her, if only for around three years.

And today I am feeling grateful in general:


This morning I was woken up by a pussy cat walking up my body, miaowing and asking to be fed. The other one wasn't far behind!

This morning I swallowed seven different drugs and three different supplements as well as smearing steroid cream all over my (finally calming down) bites.

This morning I boiled a kettle and made tea, warmed a frozen croissant in the oven and ate it with lashings of strawberry jam (calorie coutning can wait!)

This morning I looked out from my window to see patches of blue amidst the silvery low clouds, and sensed the sun shining on my world

This morning I switched on my laptop and caught up with news from friends far and wide.


This morning I woke up... grateful for feline company, the NHS, for clean water on tap and electricity at the flick of a switch, for food in the cupboard (freezer) and a safe home where I live, for digital communications... and above it all for LIFE.

Way back in 2010 when I was diagnosed with cancer I vowed to find a 'thing of beauty' every day - a positive amidst whatever life may show me. It's rare I record them, but they are always there. Today whatever life brings, there is beauty to behold, and life itself is a gift beyond price.

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