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40 Acts - Day 30

Three quarters of the way there!  It is fairly racing by, at least from where I stand!

Today's challenge is about volunteering.  Most of my readers (if not all) will already do lots of volunteering, so I hope they won't feel obliged to pick up new things.  I love the volunteering I do outside of church life, it enriches my life, allows me to learn transferrable skills (hopefully my phone manner is better than it used to be!!) and makes a small difference, which for some people can, in that moment, be all the difference in the world.

There are probably very few scenarios where we ought to push for ‘first’. One is the Olympics. The other is volunteering. The thing is, if you wait for someone else to put their hand up before you, you miss the opportunity to make a generous difference. It might be a tiny ripple or a mighty wave of change. Today, be willing to put the hard work in when nobody else wants to. Be first to raise your hand.


Offer to do the tea/coffee run at work, or wash up everyone’s mugs at the end of the day. Offer to pray for someone – don’t wait for that ‘more spiritual person’ to step up. Say ‘yes’ to that difficult task announced at the PTA meeting. You get the idea … run with it!



Got a local soup kitchen? Maybe a social action project attached to your church? Go ahead and phone up the organisers today and offer your time.


CHANGE THE WORLD (probably):

Make a quick list of the things you’ve volunteered for in the past. Is there a theme? In other words, what are your passions? Be inspired by today’s blog, and then spend an hour thinking about what you would do to make your world better if you knew you couldn’t fail. Pray over it. Then raise your hand and put that plan into action.

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