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40 Acts - Day 31

The 'persecuted church' is one of those phrases that trips quite lightly from the tongues of Christians, usually in contexts where the worst that will happen is someone laughs at our faith or assumes the media stereotypes are correct.  We kind of feel we ought to be concerned and ought to do something whilst mostly doing and thinking not a lot. 

Or maybe it's just me - I 'did' my presecuted church stuff in the 1980s/90s, praying for walls to come down, borders to open and so on.  And it happened.  It's just not the area I feel especially called to support these days - I'd rather include anyone persecuted for their faith or worldview, not 'just' Christians.

Anyway, here is the thirty-first challenge - we are now in the final countdown!!


It takes incredible bravery to stand up for what you believe in. Millions of Christians throughout the world face extreme persecution simply for following Jesus. Just because you’re here and they’re over there, doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. Your support and encouragement is vital. Today’s act is all about being generous in encouraging the persecuted church.



If you’ve got five minutes, pray. It’s the most powerful weapon we’ve got in the middle of darkness. Pray for justice, peace and mercy for all those experiencing persecution because of their beliefs.



Did you know you can write to a persecuted Christian? Here’s a great template to get you started. Alternatively, write to your local MP to make sure the issue is kept on the government’s agenda.



Start a fundraising campaign for a charity that directly assists with persecuted Christians. Not sure who to choose? Take a look at this list.

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