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40 Acts - Day 35

<Mmmm> I think maybe thats how to 'write' tongue biting!  A good challenge for me today, as I can be guilty of a rather critical tongue.  Tongue-biting, yes sometimes, but maybe should try harder to think of positives to say instead...


It’s so easy to let cutting words slip out. The problem is that the effect of our verbal stings can resonate with other people for a lot longer than we expect. The good news is twofold. First, we can learn to hold back when it’s tempting to deliver a put-down. Second, our words can also be generously kind, and these words also resonate – sometimes for entire lifetimes.


Make the decision to catch your words before blurting them out. Just five minutes of intentional decision-making can set you up for a day of generous, kind communication.


Reflect on those closest to you – the ones that you’re probably more prone to get shirty with when you’re stressed/tired/hungry. Think about the last time you said something harsh to them – what was it? Are there particular words or phrases that you use repeatedly? Spring clean your vocabulary and eliminate the nasties.


Ask a friend to evaluate your speaking voice. Things to question are: am I too blunt? Too sharp? Slow to listen and too quick to respond? Take their answers and see if you can turn them into action points.

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