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40 Acts - Day 36

When I read this one my first thought was "you're having a laugh"... do they think that any minister (worship leader or preacher) has the head space let alone the time and energy for housework during Holy Week?!  My flat looks like the aftermath of a rather fantastic party, or a stall at a flea market oe Paddy's market or, well, you get my drift.  Sorry 40 Acts people, but this challenge is not going to happen today!!  (PS please don't offer to the third one for me - I'd be too embarrassed to let you see my topsy turvey house and would have to clean before I let you in!!)


Heads up: you might want some rubber gloves for this one. Unblocking the sink, cleaning the toilet, scrubbing the oven. Plenty of domestic chores we routinely avoid or pass off to someone else. So today, sign yourself up for the job nobody else wants to do in your household. And if you happen to be the only member of your household, see if you can do the dirty work for a neighbour instead.


No procrastinating – spend five minutes doing that one household job you can't stand, or schedule a spring-clean for someone at some point in the next week.



Go the extra mile. Don’t just clean the kitchen, scrub the bathroom too. Spend a little longer perfecting that clean and sparkling finish!



Get a group together and offer a spring-cleaning service for a neighbour. You could offer to hoover, dust and polish their entire house for a day, free of charge.

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