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40 Acts - Day 40

Writing off debts - one way of understanding the events of Good Friday is the cancellation of our debt to God.  Today we are invited to think of other debts - finanacial or emotional - and to write them off, or even consciously to bless the person we think is in our debt!!


Good Friday is good because we get something undeserved. Freedom; a clean slate; a fresh beginning. Maybe today is a good day to extend the favour? Cancel an IOU and write off a debt that's owed to you today. It might be a tenner you loaned someone, a promise as yet unfulfilled or something more significant that caused a rift in the past. In the words of Frozen's Elsa, 'Let it go.'


Does someone owe you a few quid? Did they forget about it? Draw a line under it and forget about it too.



Double it up. That thing you did/that money you lent/that extra time you put in and didn't see any return on? Bless that person again; double the blessing.



Once you've cancelled any physical debts, think about the emotional ones you might be holding onto. Have you got grudges or grievances against anyone? Forgive them today. It's not easy, but it's liberating.

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